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Normal Folk

Its very easy to say why a great product cannot be made, why great service cannot be delivered, why a great idea cannot become reality. We are surrounded by Naysayers who will tell you at the first opportunity why your plan will not work because in the real world it’s the people with money, influence and power win and normal folk like you and me do not. 

They will tell you that Normal folk ought to go about their jobs and grocery shopping and once a year trips to Disneyland be satisfied with that. Normal Folk need to spend their lives saving for their retirement and their children’s college fee, and by getting a stable job at a large firm and doing everything your boss says. Normal Folk need not dream too big or try and get too far and should spend their weekends watching mind numbing Television. Normal folk should match what their friends buy and where they dine even if it maxes out their credit cards and creates debt cycles for life.

But who are these normal folk? Doesn’t each one of us consider ourselves unique and special? Doesn’t each of us have dreams and aspirations? The problem is we also have an inner desire to be normal, to be like everyone else. 

You got to realize normal is just another word for mediocre. So be abnormal, define your own big stones and follow the path to your dreams. Forego shopping new watches and gadgets for a year and save for that trip to the Mediterranean. Do not send in your resume like everyone else but go meet the manager of the H.R. department and let him know how much you would love to work for their organization.

The truth is that normal people worship the great, the inspired and the people who went against the tide. So stop worshipping and start doing, and maybe normal folk will talk about you too. 


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