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Why is it so hard to decide?

Why are we confused, what leads to confusion? Why is it so hard to decide.
Decisions are always tough, you have to weight all the possibilities, and your mind doesn’t only oscillate between the good and the evil, there is actually a whole jury inside your mind, many voices with many reasons and many possibilities.
The fact is that it is impossible to make a well informed decision because the it is impossible to gain information on the future. Anything you think or predict or determine about the future is nothing more than a guess. Sometimes the most well-intentioned decisions turn out to be the ones we regret all our lives. Why, because it is impossible to predict the future. Whenever we decide, oh let me do 2 years of this and gain experience, and then my CV will look so good and then ill do 2 years of that other thing, and then go for my MBA which will take another 2 years, and then ill get my dream job. Haha..
You really think the next 6 years will go as planned. Maybe you will hate your first job so much you will want to quit in 6 months. Maybe there will be a global financial crisis and you will be fired from your 2nd job staining that oh so precious CV. Maybe you will not be accepted to the MBA school you wanted to go to, or more probable still you would not have saved the money needed for the fee… As I said, it is impossible to predict the future.
So stop trying to predict the future. Make the decisions on instinct. Which job  

Decisions are always tough! You have to weight all the possibilities, come to all the conclusions and make up your mind on which side of the fence you are going to be. You have to stop talking and start doing. You got to pick a lane and stay your course.

As Morpheus says in The Matrix –

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

That is why we run away from decisions, cause once we have decided there are no more excuses, there is no turning back. We must walk to path we have chosen. Before getting to the decision however our minds not only oscillate between the good and the evil but wander among the hundreds of possibilities in between, each with its own positives and negatives and implications. We are so scared of making the wrong choice that we try and predict the implications, which is impossible. There is absolutely no way of predicting the future, of knowing how a certain choice would affect our lives in a few years time.

So what is the best way to make a decision – make it based on your beliefs, your principles, your loves. I think staying true to your inner self is the only way to stay consistent and avoid regrets. A lot of us are always seeking advice, but advice is cheap and most advice is also safe. However the best decisions are mostly the ones which go against the status quo, are based on nothing but belief and full of passion. So I say do not be scared of being bold, follow your heart and make change. However the greatest attribute of a good decision is the ability to stick to it and see it through till the end, when you realize that in fact you are ‘The one’.


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If I were to ask you, what is the one thing you want in your life, what is going to be your answer?

Is it happiness ? freedom ?  wealth ? relationships ?

Well, I am sorry those answers are just not good enough. The fact is that there are many paths to happiness and there are many paths to wealth, but if you can not define exactly how you want your life to be, there is no way you are going to get there.

So if you want freedom from your cubicle, then do you want to own your own bar, or your own boutique? If you want wealth are your going to be happy working as an investment banker and having 70 hour work weeks?

If you have decided to start your own business, what field do you want to target? Is it going to be technology, or retail, or financial services?

If you want to be an artist, what kind of artist? Do you want to paint on canvas or design t-shirts? Do you want to go into modern art or street art?

I know there are a lot of questions. But we have to answer these questions in order to come up with what is it that we want. You have the ability to design your life, but if you do not know what is the finished article is going to look like, then how are you ever going to start.

In order to achieve what you want, you are going to have to make some decisions, ruffle some feathers. You will have to say ‘NO’ to the things that you do not want in order to say ‘YES’ to the things you do want. 

So take your time and come up with a plan for your life. The work you want to be doing to earn a living. The city you want to live in. The location of the home you want to stay in. The kind of friends you want to have. Be specific. There is so point in coming up with a plan if it is hazy. 

If you choose to do this, you will be surprised at the clarity of your own vision, things which seemed impossible earlier will seem possible. From then on, be consistent in chasing your vision and nothing will be able to stop you from making your dreams a reality.

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Time is Money. Really?

We have all heard the saying. Its accepted as a universal truth. I always had a problem with it though. Something seemed completely out of place. So here it goes ..

The TOP 10 reasons why Time is nothing like money – 

10.  You cannot just walk into an ATM and check how much you got left.

9.  No matter what job you do, you can never earn more of it.

8.  The world doesn’t treat you differently depending on how much you have.

7.  Time cannot be traded in any market.

6.  You spend the same amount of every day and night.

5.  You cannot use it to bully other people.

4.  The government cannot bail you out with more time. 

3.  No one can steal it from you.

2.  It is not controlled by powerful people.

1.  It only flows one way, out of our hands.

So Lets treat time with the respect it deserves, and put it to great use.

*You can add to the list or argue with it in the comments*

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Education .. and now

Get back in class, play time is over.

We heard these words everyday from our teachers and parents, and grown ups in general. There was always a premium on play and fun. We always had to sacrifice doing what we loved to do, in order to do what we were supposed to do.

“Books and Studies = Success “, we were told.

So we heaved our heavy bags from home to school, and school to home. We did classwork in the mornings and homework in the evenings. Through Class Tests, and Mock Tests we prepared for Annual Tests. We got up early for last minute revisions, and all our answers had to achieve precision.

“Study now or you will regret later”, we were told.

The kids who played 4 hours a day were slandered, and the kids who studied 12 hours a day were worshipped.

Anything that did not involve books was bad. Activities like games, drawing, painting, sculpture, flying a kite were just that, spare time activities. Only to be done in spare time from studies. Our creativity was killed, and individuality was murdered. We studied subjects like history and geography without learning anything from the past or enjoying the beauty of nature. In trying to finish courses and give out assignments, our teachers became monsters, ready to grab and devour anyone not able to keep up, or with no interest.

Our education system, based in the industrial revolution, taught us to conform, to obey, to be like everyone else and listen to what the grown ups said.We thought good grades would lead us to great jobs, money and happiness.

It is only now we are finding out that it doesn’t pay to conform and to obey. The most ordinary workers, who listen to everything the boss says are the ones who are fired first, and made expendable.

It is only now that we realize that the only things that matter are the ones we love to do. Our preferences, likes and dislikes are more important than the calculus equations.

It is only now realize out that memorizing our text books does not lead to success or happiness, in fact time spent playing, painting and writing is far more memorable than time spent on a spreadsheet or a contract.

Our education system enables us to find a job, earn a living. However if it could teach us to find what we truly love, and earn a living doing it, that is when we would move closer realizing our dreams and fulfilling our potential.

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