Aspirations to a higher grounde

My struggles to climb to a higher grounde. Weekly updated.

The Author

Hi. Im Rajat Jain. Hope you are enjoying what you are reading on this blog and its inspiring you to think, dream and act. I am currently working in Tokyo, Japan. Like a lot of people I fell into the trap of getting a stable job at a big company. But now I want change.

Join me in this effort to inspire myself and all of you to follow our hearts. Too many of us are achieving far below our potential and we need to act and change, and achieve the life of our dreams.

I believe we all have our vision of “higher grounde”, the place we want to be in life, where everything is perfect, where the world dances to our tune.

However somewhere along the way, the dream starts to blur, we are overwhelmed by reality and compromise begins to set in.

But that desire to do something, to be somebody never really dies, and just needs to be reignited and reinvigorated to lead us on the path to fulfillment and happiness.

Through this blog, I hope to inspire you and myself to reach out, follow our dreams and climb towards the higher grounde. Lets see where the journey takes us.

Rajat Jayn


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