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Top 10 factors for deciding on a Job

Most of us are so busy trying to land a job that we forget we will spend most of our day doing it. Especially your first job could shape your destiny and make you who you will be for the rest of your life.

Here are my top 10 factors to take into consideration while choosing an employment –

1. Industry
2. Division
3. Job title
4. Job description
5. Work environment
6. Company name / reputation
7. Location
8. Salary
9. Overseas travel
10. Perks

The problem is most of us fall into the big company / big salary trap and forget who we wanted to be in the first place. The salary/perks/compensation will come if you become good at your job, but that is only going to happen if you like what you do.

Think there are other factors? Don’t agree with this? Let me know in the comments.


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Education .. and now

Get back in class, play time is over.

We heard these words everyday from our teachers and parents, and grown ups in general. There was always a premium on play and fun. We always had to sacrifice doing what we loved to do, in order to do what we were supposed to do.

“Books and Studies = Success “, we were told.

So we heaved our heavy bags from home to school, and school to home. We did classwork in the mornings and homework in the evenings. Through Class Tests, and Mock Tests we prepared for Annual Tests. We got up early for last minute revisions, and all our answers had to achieve precision.

“Study now or you will regret later”, we were told.

The kids who played 4 hours a day were slandered, and the kids who studied 12 hours a day were worshipped.

Anything that did not involve books was bad. Activities like games, drawing, painting, sculpture, flying a kite were just that, spare time activities. Only to be done in spare time from studies. Our creativity was killed, and individuality was murdered. We studied subjects like history and geography without learning anything from the past or enjoying the beauty of nature. In trying to finish courses and give out assignments, our teachers became monsters, ready to grab and devour anyone not able to keep up, or with no interest.

Our education system, based in the industrial revolution, taught us to conform, to obey, to be like everyone else and listen to what the grown ups said.We thought good grades would lead us to great jobs, money and happiness.

It is only now we are finding out that it doesn’t pay to conform and to obey. The most ordinary workers, who listen to everything the boss says are the ones who are fired first, and made expendable.

It is only now that we realize that the only things that matter are the ones we love to do. Our preferences, likes and dislikes are more important than the calculus equations.

It is only now realize out that memorizing our text books does not lead to success or happiness, in fact time spent playing, painting and writing is far more memorable than time spent on a spreadsheet or a contract.

Our education system enables us to find a job, earn a living. However if it could teach us to find what we truly love, and earn a living doing it, that is when we would move closer realizing our dreams and fulfilling our potential.

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Talking Trash

Talk is cheap, in fact its completely free. You ever watched a game of you favorite sport with your friends and heard everyone give advice and coaching to the players on TV.

“He should have played that shot with a little more angle”

I know, I do it too. Its fun and entertaining, and hey we are the paying public. Its also extremely hollow. The fact is the guy on TV takes home a million dollars in match fee alone, while doing something he loves to do. He is really not looking for our advice.

We are so ready to deliver our opinion and judgment on anything and anyone that crosses our way without thinking twice. I guess we pick it up from the media and late night TV, lets all bash the celebrities. But most of the celebrities don’t read the articles written about them and definitely don’t watch talk shows ridiculing them. The joke is really on us wasting our time and numbing our minds.

So lets not ridicule people who have made it just because they are living the lives we dream of living, and lets not attribute their success to luck, or chance or fate. Success comes to people who work hard and have a definite purpose, so lets respect success and work slowly and steadily to get there, without talking too much trash.

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