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I believe we all need inspiration at some point or the other. Even the most motivated, energetic, goal-oriented among us have our moments of self-doubt. The moments when we want to lie in bed all day, when life seems a big waste and the future holds nothing but despair. The moments when we ask ourselves, why should I work hard, why should I try, why can’t I be a happy ignorant little looser.

It is for these moments, (and others), that TED TALKS comes in extremely handy. For those of you not yet hooked, TED is an invite only conference hosted annually by Chris Anderson and his organization and is attended by the best and the brightest. The gathering truly represents the finest qualities and achievements of the human race. People who followed their dreams and built something great, and changed the world around them in the process.

I can list a host of famous names who have spoken at TED, however the beauty of the conference is actually all the people we have never heard of, hearing them speak, and being inspired by their vision.

Too often I come across people who’s main argument not to follow their dreams is – “ For every success, there are 1000s of failures, for every Richard Branson there are throngs of people who lie in poverty and who’s name you will never hear.” I used to believe this argument too, but after TED, I am convinced there are thousands of people whos name You and I may have never heard, but they are still living a great life, being successful and loving what they do.

The first one I watched – 

One of the best – 

Yes and ofcourse, no ‘Cubicle dwelling, I kept my job for 45 years’ manager ever got to speak at TED.


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Achieving your childhood dreams

Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually achieve even a fraction of all we dream about about in our childhood. Well Randy Pausch did and below he lays out the formula to do it in a terrific, engaging and heart warming talk.

The last lecture by Randy Pausch is one of the great speeches of our times of a man who confronts his mortality and looks back on a life lived with dignity, integrity and above all while having fun. 

RIP Randy Paush. Wait for the end where he reveals his bluff.

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