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Time is Money. Really?

We have all heard the saying. Its accepted as a universal truth. I always had a problem with it though. Something seemed completely out of place. So here it goes ..

The TOP 10 reasons why Time is nothing like money – 

10.  You cannot just walk into an ATM and check how much you got left.

9.  No matter what job you do, you can never earn more of it.

8.  The world doesn’t treat you differently depending on how much you have.

7.  Time cannot be traded in any market.

6.  You spend the same amount of every day and night.

5.  You cannot use it to bully other people.

4.  The government cannot bail you out with more time. 

3.  No one can steal it from you.

2.  It is not controlled by powerful people.

1.  It only flows one way, out of our hands.

So Lets treat time with the respect it deserves, and put it to great use.

*You can add to the list or argue with it in the comments*

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5 Responses

  1. Satsuko says:

    Wasting time is so much more painful than wasting money hey!! I enjoyed this post~ but must argue that people CAN steal your time and it’s very frustrating: ex. telemarketers, talkative co-workers when you’re crazy busy, line-up at supermarket…. maybe that is still a choice so its not stealing???
    Anyway, point well said, Rajat. Lets respect time cause we can’t get it back~ do everything we can now!!! xx

    • Rajat Jain says:

      Thats definitely true. Its sad that people in sales resort to such tactics and waste their own time and everyone else’s.
      “talkative co-workers when you’re crazy busy”.. haha

  2. Nanzy says:

    time…so I can make more money =)

  3. Rajat Jayn says:

    haha. absolutely.
    if given a choice which one would u prefer?

  4. Nanzy says:

    couldn’t agree more, but there’s one thing i know for sure,

    we’re all running out of both.

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