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Education .. and now

Get back in class, play time is over.

We heard these words everyday from our teachers and parents, and grown ups in general. There was always a premium on play and fun. We always had to sacrifice doing what we loved to do, in order to do what we were supposed to do.

“Books and Studies = Success “, we were told.

So we heaved our heavy bags from home to school, and school to home. We did classwork in the mornings and homework in the evenings. Through Class Tests, and Mock Tests we prepared for Annual Tests. We got up early for last minute revisions, and all our answers had to achieve precision.

“Study now or you will regret later”, we were told.

The kids who played 4 hours a day were slandered, and the kids who studied 12 hours a day were worshipped.

Anything that did not involve books was bad. Activities like games, drawing, painting, sculpture, flying a kite were just that, spare time activities. Only to be done in spare time from studies. Our creativity was killed, and individuality was murdered. We studied subjects like history and geography without learning anything from the past or enjoying the beauty of nature. In trying to finish courses and give out assignments, our teachers became monsters, ready to grab and devour anyone not able to keep up, or with no interest.

Our education system, based in the industrial revolution, taught us to conform, to obey, to be like everyone else and listen to what the grown ups said.We thought good grades would lead us to great jobs, money and happiness.

It is only now we are finding out that it doesn’t pay to conform and to obey. The most ordinary workers, who listen to everything the boss says are the ones who are fired first, and made expendable.

It is only now that we realize that the only things that matter are the ones we love to do. Our preferences, likes and dislikes are more important than the calculus equations.

It is only now realize out that memorizing our text books does not lead to success or happiness, in fact time spent playing, painting and writing is far more memorable than time spent on a spreadsheet or a contract.

Our education system enables us to find a job, earn a living. However if it could teach us to find what we truly love, and earn a living doing it, that is when we would move closer realizing our dreams and fulfilling our potential.


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6 Responses

  1. Rajat Jayn says:

    Thanx for the interesting insights. Yea i guess it really depends on the region as well. I guess in Canada kids are not carrying 5 kg bags to school.

    In general, guidelines along with the freedom to choose your line of interest should be the way to go I think. Balance like in everything else is vital.

  2. Satsuko says:

    I have so much to say about this post and only a couple more minutes till I gotta run out the door for work….

    I think it is a really interesting post that also shows where you went to school~ by that I mean that I feel the attitude is different in Canada in maybe a not positive way. I feel like over here people could use a little more structure/rules~ at a young age its good to have strong guidelines that you can bend later on in life. And really I guess its about finding a balance… like everything in life.

    so ya, sorry for a kinda mashed/rushed comment. Always enjoys your writing!

    xx cheers

  3. Nanzy says:

    I gotcha, let’s just say my previous comment was dedicated to myself who hated books throughout school days. I now realize it’s not the books themselves, it’s the way they were presented as a ‘mandatory’ thing, that what turned me off.

    Asia’s education systems have a lot to do with British’s (in my case, Dutch’s) so unless they were ready to breakthrough the ol’system, kids are still spending 9 hours in school carrying 5 kgs bag.

  4. Rajat Jayn says:

    Hey Im not against books at all. I think books are very very important, we all got to read as much as possible. Fiction and non-fiction are both important in the growth of our minds and intellect.

    What I was saying was that we should have less of the kind of schooling we have in most parts of asia, where all the emphasis is on memorizing and getting better grades and not on learning and applying to our own lives.

    We study to get a job, rather than finding out what we truly want to become.

  5. Nanzy says:

    Books aren’t too bad, I read all kinds from Erotica to “Guns, Germs & Steel” because life could surprise me in some ways where I actually enjoy reading someone’s sexploit as well as how illiteracy of Atahuallpa could lead to the mass slaughter of Inca in 1532.

    Although I have to say I hate studying and prefer learning.

  6. Shreya says:

    Smiling on “Get back in class, play time is over.”
    Giggling on “Books and Studies = Success”
    Rolling on the floor by “Study now or you will regret later”

    Needless to say how much I relate to every single word of this post…

    What surprises me the most abt school is that the only way I was able to keep a ‘sane’ mind there was either by being exhausted of dance practices or being engrossed in drawing for the students’ magazine when I was ‘supposed’ to study math or a balance sheet.
    I didnt study much, got good grades and that was awesome 🙂

    And NOW, working in a Jap firm – which is alil WORSE than an average Indian highschool, I think I have managed to muster the courage to do smth worthwhile and make a diff life fr myself.. phew! so much effort to realize a dream..

    Thats a VERRY long reply, I’d just like to end by saying –
    “Thou shalt not stop writing!”

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