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Eye Opener

Jessica Hagy

The sad fact is that most of us act Angry and Selfish in order to be happy and prosperous but end up being scared and bitter !

The next time you are about to loose your temper, remember this graph and take a deep breadth.

Thanks to Jessica Hagy and Seth Godin

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2 Responses

  1. Rajat Jayn says:

    Absolutely. So often we forget simple things like generosity and gratitude, which not only make us better people but end up taking us up the mountain of success.

  2. Satsuko says:

    I love this graph! Attitude is everything 🙂 Like people who think they are lucky end up seeing only the good/lucky things in their life and those who believe they are unlucky pick at the bad and ignore the bright side. Give and be open and others will be generous and open with you back! Yay! (ok yes Im a cheese head lol) xx

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