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Ideas – the beginning

Ideas seem to have a life of their own. They grow over time, leaving the mind and body of the creator and take on a surreal presence with influence over people’s lives and their futures. Google started off as an idea to search the growing internet in a more organized way, and today it is one of the most innovative and admired companies in the world and also a verb. Ikea started off as an idea to bring designer furniture to the masses, and today it employs over a hundred thousand people with retail presence all over the world.

Before reaching world changing proportions however, ideas need to be nourished and developed. Typically an idea starts off brightly, we get what seems like a strike of lightening in our minds and suddenly there is a paradigm shift in our thinking,

“This is the way it should be done” OR 

“This is just what people need”.

A typical characteristic of an idea is that it has only two ways to go, either it will grow and become bigger and turn what we imagined into reality OR die as quickly as it struck our minds and disappear forever. There is NO middle path. An idea does not have the ability to stay suspended in a motionless state, it is in continuous motion, either evolving or dying.

Thus it becomes absolutely critical to nourish an idea, by writing it down and thinking about the implications and the possibilities, by making an action plan, by considering the work that will need to be done to turn the idea into reality.

Sooner or later you come to the point where you will need to discuss the idea with someone, when the idea needs thoughts and action from more than one person and this is where some critical decisions are made. Too many people make the mistake of keeping their idea a secret for too long in the fear that someone else might steal it, however the chances of that happening are far less than it dying due to lack of action. It is a risk that must be taken.

The important thing is to talk to someone with the same mindset and the same world-view. Most people are ready to shoot down anything new you might present to them because they are scared of change, do not have the ability or the courage to disturb the set ways of the world and thus will take the first opportunity to discourage any one else who tries to innovate. Stay away from the skeptics in the beginning and do not be disheartened by them, because they will be the first ones to turn around and applaud your idea once it finds success.

Once you have your team, all pulling in the same direction, the idea will start to grow beyond your own mind and into an entity of its own. Give it a name and a plan of action and then the fun really begins.



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6 Responses

  1. Rajat Jayn says:

    Sradha –

    Hey, it is not my intention to give anyone a kick in the behind, lol, however if i can inspire you to act and take a step towards fulfilling your potential, it will be an honor and i would feel i have done my job.
    actually its actions – words – thoughts. coming soon.

  2. Rajat Jayn says:

    Satsuko –

    Yea, if we dont act and someone else beats us to it then we really only got ourselves to blame. One of my mentors once said
    “an idea does not care who owns it”.
    Its a profound thought in this age of plagiarism and copyright management. Whoever carries the idea through and makes it a success has every right to profit from it.

  3. Rajat Jayn says:

    Shreya –

    Absolutely. An idea is lost very quickly indeed. The moment we stop acting on an idea, it will go back to where it came from and dissolve into thin air. I always advice noting down an idea as soon as it strikes you, on a piece of paper, on your phone, on your comp. Write it down and then its alive.
    After that, as you know, consistency is everything!

  4. Sradha says:

    I appreciate the tag.’consumer or creator’ made me sadly reflect on my behaviour when it comes down to consumerism.It also successfully attempted to give a subtle yet effective kick in the behind:p Ideas was a good read too.
    thoughts-ideas-words…I will be back to be possesed n caressed by yours:DD

  5. Satsuko says:

    (testing the comment feature!)

    Its a pretty exciting time to be living~ these days, anything that can be done will be done~ (like Shreya said) if you think of an amazing idea, you better act or else someone else will beat you to it !!!
    Thx for that Rajat xx

  6. Shreya says:

    i started making sketches of stuff i’d like to draw “one day”.

    i cudnt agree more that an idea is lost ‘completely’ if not taken into a/c within a certain time – before you know it, someone else is having fun doing a similar thing & you hear urself say – oh! i’d thought of this years back!!!

    btw, its a “shake up and wake up” post scuddie 😛

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