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Talking Trash

Talk is cheap, in fact its completely free. You ever watched a game of you favorite sport with your friends and heard everyone give advice and coaching to the players on TV.

“He should have played that shot with a little more angle”

I know, I do it too. Its fun and entertaining, and hey we are the paying public. Its also extremely hollow. The fact is the guy on TV takes home a million dollars in match fee alone, while doing something he loves to do. He is really not looking for our advice.

We are so ready to deliver our opinion and judgment on anything and anyone that crosses our way without thinking twice. I guess we pick it up from the media and late night TV, lets all bash the celebrities. But most of the celebrities don’t read the articles written about them and definitely don’t watch talk shows ridiculing them. The joke is really on us wasting our time and numbing our minds.

So lets not ridicule people who have made it just because they are living the lives we dream of living, and lets not attribute their success to luck, or chance or fate. Success comes to people who work hard and have a definite purpose, so lets respect success and work slowly and steadily to get there, without talking too much trash.


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