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Consumer OR Creator

Are you a consumer or a creator?

Do you spend your free time merely doing what others are doing or what the society expects you to do? If you were to chart your week, what percentage of your time are you spending facebooking, youtubing, watching movies etc. as opposed to creating, innovating, thinking. How much of your free time are you spending being a consumer?

I know free time is supposed to be for having fun, for getting in touch with friends, for checking out your favorite music videos. The problem is between ‘work time’ which we spend doing our jobs, and ‘free time’ which we spend consuming, there is no time left for self – improvement, for finding your true vocation, for exploring your creativity.

We all want to achieve, to be successful but unless you close the browser, pause that playlist and get some time in peace, you are never going to be able to step back and assess your life and configure your goals for the coming year.

It is very easy to stay on being a consumer in today’s world – your cable subscription continuously adds new channels, new stores are opened and new websites are launched almost daily, and they all want your eyeballs and your time. You can stay on being a consumer and it never ends – and before you know it you have spent 20 years following Manchester United and are miles away from achieving your dreams.

There are 2 kinds of people in this world, ‘The Creators’ and ‘The Consumers’, the people who are making a difference, changing their worlds, making something new and the others, just happy to consume and sit back. So the next time you are just surfing the web, or getting bored changing channels, quit being a consumer and act. It may lead you on the road to your higher grounde.

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