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My struggles to climb to a higher grounde. Weekly updated.

Consistency – 2

Too many of us spend our time waiting for the big-bang moment, the massive splash. If only I got my big break, If only I won the lottery, If only someone gave me a million dollars! In the meantime we continue our obsession with video games, and junk food and mind numbing television.

Once in a while, we get inspired. We hit the gym, rise early, write a journal, go for treks, pick up a sport. However slowly things go back to normal – we have work to do, friends to meet and life is busy.

Its not really your fault. The world around us celebrates the big moments. Nowhere is it more obvious than in sport. We see day long coverage of the 100m world record run, the air-Jordan slam dunk, the winning shot, and only an occasional mention of the years of hard work, resolve and consistency that went into creating that moment.

I think most of us would agree that 5 years of consistent hard work would lead to success in almost any field. You might not win the Pulitzer but if you spend 5 years writing and rewriting and improving a draft, chances are you will get published. If you spend 5 years working out consistently, you can be assured of great physical and mental health. Maybe you won’t beat tiger woods, but play golf seriously for 5 years and chances are you will beat all of your friends and associates, even play a tournament or two.

Isn’t it better to devote 5 years in the pursuit of excellence rather than spend all our lives languishing in mediocrity? I think all of us want to pursue the higher grounde, we just need something to push us, something to get us going.

However the beginning is the easy part, the tougher hurdles to cross are to keep going and being regular, and I would offer two simple solutions –

1. Resolve to take up 3 things you would like to get better at and you love doing for 6 months. Do not stop or give up for 6 months and then choose 1 of the 3 and pursue it for another 6 months. Reassess after the year; feel free to go back to one of the things you dropped if that made you feel better.

2. Be regular. There is no point in pursuing a goal if you can’t be regular. Everyday is normally impossible, so target 4 times a week. No exceptions. Make some sacrifices, pull out of that Saturday night bash or make sure you have reached your weekly target before the weekend.

Aristotle once said, “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”, and i am sure its a habit that can be developed.


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  1. Shreya says:

    I dont think I will miss out on a big part of my life by not getting drunk & clubbing on weekends or even bunking to watch a movie that’s just been released.
    The “high” that I’ll get out of doing smth I love & seeing it take shape sounds (and IS) far more fulfilling than any of the above. I will quit my dumb job to achieve my childhood dreams, I will…
    It’s a tough call, but I feel this IS THE BEST post on higher grounde.
    Trying to instill the 5yr approach in me… Thanks a bunch!!

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