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Left – Right !

left brain, right brain

left brain, right brain

Absolutely great illustration on the make-up of our minds. All the “RIGHT” brain people seem to having fun !

tip of hat to shreya !

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Why is it so hard to decide?

Why are we confused, what leads to confusion? Why is it so hard to decide.
Decisions are always tough, you have to weight all the possibilities, and your mind doesn’t only oscillate between the good and the evil, there is actually a whole jury inside your mind, many voices with many reasons and many possibilities.
The fact is that it is impossible to make a well informed decision because the it is impossible to gain information on the future. Anything you think or predict or determine about the future is nothing more than a guess. Sometimes the most well-intentioned decisions turn out to be the ones we regret all our lives. Why, because it is impossible to predict the future. Whenever we decide, oh let me do 2 years of this and gain experience, and then my CV will look so good and then ill do 2 years of that other thing, and then go for my MBA which will take another 2 years, and then ill get my dream job. Haha..
You really think the next 6 years will go as planned. Maybe you will hate your first job so much you will want to quit in 6 months. Maybe there will be a global financial crisis and you will be fired from your 2nd job staining that oh so precious CV. Maybe you will not be accepted to the MBA school you wanted to go to, or more probable still you would not have saved the money needed for the fee… As I said, it is impossible to predict the future.
So stop trying to predict the future. Make the decisions on instinct. Which job  

Decisions are always tough! You have to weight all the possibilities, come to all the conclusions and make up your mind on which side of the fence you are going to be. You have to stop talking and start doing. You got to pick a lane and stay your course.

As Morpheus says in The Matrix –

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

That is why we run away from decisions, cause once we have decided there are no more excuses, there is no turning back. We must walk to path we have chosen. Before getting to the decision however our minds not only oscillate between the good and the evil but wander among the hundreds of possibilities in between, each with its own positives and negatives and implications. We are so scared of making the wrong choice that we try and predict the implications, which is impossible. There is absolutely no way of predicting the future, of knowing how a certain choice would affect our lives in a few years time.

So what is the best way to make a decision – make it based on your beliefs, your principles, your loves. I think staying true to your inner self is the only way to stay consistent and avoid regrets. A lot of us are always seeking advice, but advice is cheap and most advice is also safe. However the best decisions are mostly the ones which go against the status quo, are based on nothing but belief and full of passion. So I say do not be scared of being bold, follow your heart and make change. However the greatest attribute of a good decision is the ability to stick to it and see it through till the end, when you realize that in fact you are ‘The one’.

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Is Validation from others the only thing we are all chasing after? This video has the answers and more. I say this is the The best video on youtube.

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Rediscover who you are

Who are you? What do you want? What is your destination?

Simple questions, but very difficult answers. Most of us will struggle to come up with any kind of meaningful reply, and I am not looking for the creative 4 lines we each come with on our facebook profiles.

But think about it, if we do not know ourselves, how do we expect others to understand us. How do we expect to find our place in the world if we do not know where to go. Have you ever gotten on an airplane without knowing its destination? Chances are the voice of your heart, like mine, has been dwindled by the noise and rules of society, but I can promise it still lurks deep within you hoping for a chance to come out and be heard again.

So the next time you have some free time, and are relaxed, ask yourself these questions. Ask yourself what would be your perfect life? If nothing mattered, if you had no worries, if your finances weren’t in the bruised state they are today, if everything in the world was perfect. Where do you see yourself in such a world, what do you see yourself doing.

Slowly the doubts and haziness will clear itself to reveal a deep hidden secret, perhaps from your childhood, perhaps from an inspiring figure, perhaps from a chance meeting. The most beautiful thing about this secret is that it is different for all of us. All of us do not really want to become popstars nor do we all want to become scientists and explore the breadths of space but the some of us do and there should be nothing stopping you to follow that dream.

We are all so lucky! Our counties are not under attack by some foreign force, nor are we dying of hunger or disease. Yet we sit in our cubicles and go through life depressed as if we are living a cursed life. The fact is we might be living in the most golden age of humanity where new ideas are rewarded, pioneers are worshipped and old superstitions are being thrown in the garbage can.

So stop being scared of failure and chase your dream life. The perfect life and it will be a journey worth every minute of your life, and remember

This is your moment and the only thing stopping you is YOU.

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What happened to Poetry?

You remember how back in school, we all had a little poetry book. It did not weigh much but God knows it was heavy. With philosophy, imagery and narration it dumbfounded and confused us.

We had to read and analyze and then write reports on how the poem about the train journey was not really about the scenery but about the poet’s life and experiences. How the captain and the boat were really metaphors for the president and his country. It was mind boggling stuff but kind of fun.

It developed our imagination. It was deep and yet frivolous. It was interesting yet forgotten.

There is no poetry now. Only salaries and bills. High speed internet and cool graphic design. Shopping malls and the next blockbuster, but maybe we have all read and deciphered our last poem.

Our lives are the worse for it.

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2 Thoughts for the Tuesday


The champion’s league football game on the weekend, your favorite show on TV, the war in Iraq, all have one thing in common. They have absolutely no impact on your life. So zoom out from popular culture and focus on yourself. Let everything else slide. Eat healthy, read widely and keep in touch with your ‘real’ friends. Take time out to think. Slowly, everything will get back in sync.


Who you are today is because what you have done and have been doing for the last 5, 10 maybe 20 years. That is it. No one else is responsible. So stop blaming your parents, the government or the culture. Take responsibility. With responsibility choose freedom. Freedom to choose your reality in 5, 10, 20 years. The responsibility and power rests with you

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The Problem with Video Games

I have a little problem with video games and their evolution. As you all know video games have undergone a massive evolution over the last decade. More and more they resemble real life, with life-like graphics, interaction and amazing game play. The day is not far when video games, virtual reality, futuristic display devices will combine to give us an experience that will be every bit like the real world. In fact even more beautiful, more visceral, more engaging than the world we live in.

However there is one huge disconnect between video games and real life. The ability to pause and save, the ability to start over. Games do not follow the principles of time, they have no sense of direction and no sense of past or present or future. It’s a pity, but life is not like that.

In Reality –

We cannot save our childhood so we can visit it every time we feel down. We cannot collect our favorite moments and relive them again and again. We cannot delete our failures, our losses.

Life comes at us only once. There is no save, no pause.

If you grew up playing video games, you have this basic instinct that there is always a second chance. You can always go back and collect the weapon or the skill you might need in the next level. You are always ready to take a risk without considering all the consequences.

But in life the last stage is gone forever, there is no going back and learning a new trick. There is no exploring a different track just for the fun of it. The fact is one wrong turn could lead you down a cliff you may never be able to climb back from. Its a bit like in space where if you leave the mother ship without a rope, you might never be able to get back even if you are only centimeters away.

falling in space

So take your steps carefully. Make your decisions after having considered all the possibilities and listen to your heart. Don’t take a step just because someone advices to ‘go have a look’ because in life one step off the right path could mean a thousand miles off your destination.

In reality game over means truly game over !

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Top 10 factors for deciding on a Job

Most of us are so busy trying to land a job that we forget we will spend most of our day doing it. Especially your first job could shape your destiny and make you who you will be for the rest of your life.

Here are my top 10 factors to take into consideration while choosing an employment –

1. Industry
2. Division
3. Job title
4. Job description
5. Work environment
6. Company name / reputation
7. Location
8. Salary
9. Overseas travel
10. Perks

The problem is most of us fall into the big company / big salary trap and forget who we wanted to be in the first place. The salary/perks/compensation will come if you become good at your job, but that is only going to happen if you like what you do.

Think there are other factors? Don’t agree with this? Let me know in the comments.

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fake-fake, Real-Real

I recently saw this talk by Joseph Pine and it got me thinking. Joseph says that the modern consumer is concerned by three things, and three things alone – Price, Price and Price. Every product war in the end turns into a price war, and unless you can deliver something more valuable than cheap, you might as well pack your bags and go home.

 Is the answer Authenticity?

To beat cheap, you must not sell just a product but a personalized, genuine experience. The consumer only comes back, craving the emotion the experience generates, because in the end we are all slaves to our emotions.

To deliver an authentic experience however, the one selling the experience must be authentic too. Be it Starbucks, which really loves a freshly brewed coffee or Apple, which really cares about making beautiful products. Or do they?

Can we apply the same argument to people? Is being genuine now a necessity? Is our authenticity a real measure of our success.

I believe it is. When today’s technology makes being fake so easy, being real counts more than ever. 

There are 2 questions we need to ask ourselves – 

Are we true to ourselves?

Are we being to true to our own heart, our aspirations? Is our self-talk not deformed by the forces of society or peer-pressure. As one of my friends always says – “Don’t fake yourself” because inherently if we fake ourselves, we will portray a confused personality to the outside world. Only once we have cleared the mess in our minds and have a clear sense of our own identity, can we make the right decisions at crucial times which determine the story of our lives.

Are we true to others?

Some people are true to themselves, and yet they are afraid to portray that to the outside world. They want to play the field, and align with the most popular opinions. They will lead us to believe that it is beneficial to stay with the tide even if their hearts go against the flow. The problem comes when sooner or later their minds get muddled, and they cannot tell the difference anymore. Their inner voice is lost in the noise of the outside world.  

Real - Fake

We can be fake or real on a lot of different levels, but in the long run only those in the top-right corner will be truly successful. The REAL – REAL people. They will meet the people with the same worldview as theirs, work the jobs they want to work and reach their destinations that they want to reach.

I, having fallen into the trap of being Real-Fake once, am convinced that the road to the higher grounde depends solely on the alignment between our hearts and our personas.  

Updated on February 24, 2009

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